New CROWD4ROADS promo video

We recently posted a new promo video of the CROWD4ROADS project, by Prof. Alessandro Bogliolo: the project aims at involving drivers and citizens in road transport sustainability, through the rationalization of vehicle utilization, thanks to carpooling, and the adoption of easy-to-use instruments for the continuous monitoring of road quality, such as SmartRoadSense.

Check out the video on Youtube below.

Developers, meet game designers

During the CROWD4ROADS project meeting in Coventry, UK, a group of hard-working game designers have delivered artworks and game design documents to the SmartRoadSense developers…

Developers looking extremely pleased.

The SmartRoadSense game is coming.

An appeal to car drivers

After the heavy damage to road infrastructure caused by the recent heavy snowfall in Italy, the University of Urbino has launched an appeal to car drivers and public transport operators to join in the effort of road quality monitoring by adopting SmartRoadSense. Accurate and up to date information can help directing maintenance and reconstruction efforts, which ensure better driving comfort and safety while also lowering overall road transport expenditure.

Pothole-hunting with an app

The online magazine “L’Automobile” by the Italian Automobile Club (ACI), just published a short overview of SmartRoadSense and the CROWD4ROADS project, highlighting how social innovation projects can have a large impact on communities and sustainability issues thanks to the contributions of a large number of citizens.

ACI, which is on the CROWD4ROADS advisory board, is currently planning a country-wide promotional campaign about road quality monitoring through SmartRoadSense.

SmartRoadSense @ Open Government Week 2018

SmartRoadSense is proud to be an active part of the Italian Open Government Week 2018! During this event, our project coordinator Prof. Alessandro Bogliolo is going to present the new OpenData API we released a few days ago.

This new SmartRoadSense feature will allow users to directly download sections of our continuously updated dataset in a simple way. Developers will be able to simply specify the coordinates of the region they are interested in and download the requested data section encoded in JSON.

More details in the webinar by Prof. Alessandro Bogliolo (in Italian) embedded below.

C4Rs gamification whitepaper published

Thanks to the participation of Coventry University in the CROWD4ROADS project and the Disruptive Media Learning Lab’s (DMLL) expertise in adaptive learning techniques with an emphasis on gamification and learning through play, we are working to introduce new game elements within the SmartRoadSense app.

Read all about the this initiative, its objectives, the proposed design, and the gameplay of the upcoming “Balance Trucks” game in the Whitepaper by Mark Lewis.

SmartRoadSense launches in Romania

This morning prof. Alessandro Bogliolo held a public presentation of the CROWD4ROADS project, in the Aula Magna hall of the University “Dunărea de Jos” in Galaţi (Romania) during an event organized by Fundația SATEAN, announcing that SmartRoadSense is now available in Romania. Romanian roads, just like roads in the UK, Greece, and Italy, can now be monitored by volunteers using the mobile app.

Prof. Alessandro Bogliolo in Galaţi.

More information and a video interview are available on the C4Rs website.

Sensors in your smartphone could make roads greener

SmartRoadSense and the CROWD4ROADS project are cited in HORIZON, the EU Research & Innovation magazine:

The CROWD4ROADS project works through smartphones mounted in cars that can pick up changes in speed caused by bumps, holes or distributed roughness. This data can then be used by local authorities to know where they need to repair roads, which in turn makes their mobility sector more energy efficient.

Check out the full article online.

SmartRoadSense goes to the cloud

You may have already noticed but… we have big plans for our project!

At the moment, only drivers on the Italian road network are able to use SmartRoadSense. The idea of opening up the service for more drivers was always in the back of our heads. However, only a few weeks ago, we started thinking seriously about how to make our platform available from other countries as well.

Days ago we took the first bold step: we moved our entire computing platform to Marche Cloud, the cloud service by Regione Marche (they are one of our partners in the CROWD4ROADS European project).

What does that mean? It means that we now have all the computing power that we need to receive and process data from other countries! More news coming soon.