Privacy policy

The SmartRoadSense mobile applications and its online services are designed to be fully anonymous and will never collect personal information from their users.

SmartRoadSense mobile applications will access the following data:

  • The user’s geographical location (GPS);
  • Movement and accelerations on the user’s device (accelerometers);
  • Absolute timestamps of the recorded data;
  • The model name, manufacturer name, and other general technical metadata provided by the device;
  • Any other personal data that will be provided explicitly by the user him/herself.

Communication protocols with the SmartRoadSense online service have been developed in order to be privacy-preserving by design:

  • Data provided above is processed on device before transmission, producing coarse data with lower resolution than the source sensor data;
  • Unique identifiers of recording sessions and other sensitive data are never transmitted to the online service and are kept on the device;
  • No personal information is ever stored on our servers.

Data released by SmartRoadSense, either as publicly accessible Open Data or through developer APIs, are aggregated and devoid from any original data from single individuals.

The service is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation to be enforced on 25 May 2018.